Hot End Coating Hood

Hot End Coating Hood

It provides the glass container hot-end coating treatment, leaving a thin coating of tin oxide, on the surface of the containers and thus increase the surface strength and abrasion resistance.


Width (W): 160 / 180 / 200 / 220 mm 

Height (H): 360 mm 

Length (L): 1250 / 1750 / 2250 mm


 SCRUBBER system to clean the exhaust gases from the lehrs


  2 Side chambers with 2 recirculation motors, which create inside loops for the product flow around the glass containers

  Recovering fan placed at the tunnel exit, allowing profit of the exceeding product.

  Adjustable height mid-section with purge air to give finish protection. – Product vaporizer

  Product dosing system

  Fumes extraction 

  Forced cooling for high production rates 

  Internal heating for low production rates and production start

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